1. Administration

    Administration is responsible for overall city operation. Key staff members include the City Manager, City Clerk and Executive Assistant.

  2. Community Development

    The Community Development Department is responsible for providing land use and environmental planning, zoning, permitting services, development review, business registration, enforcement of codes, enhancement capital projects and GIS.

  3. Economic Development

    Economic Development coordinates and facilitates strategies for the economic development and redevelopment of the city, promoting tourism and providing staff support to the development authorities.

  4. Finance

    The Finance Department is responsible for the systems and procedures that assure the sound and efficient functioning of the City's financial activities. The flow of financial activities begins with a plan (budget). The plan is then implemented and the transactions recorded (accounting); and finally, the results are reported (financial statements). The Finance Department also keeps an accurate record of all financial transactions, generates interim financial reports, and produces audited financial statements at the end of each fiscal year. More specifically, it prepares the City's payroll; it bills, collects, and accounts for City taxes, water and sewer fees, residential refuse fees and capital facilities assessments; and it maintains a file of the City government's fixed assets.

  5. Human Resources

    Human Resources is responsible for administering the City's personnel management program and helps oversee the risk management programs.

  6. Information Technology

    Information technology responsible for maintaining the local area network and telecommunications systems while continually evaluating the way data and communications are conveyed among employees and the city residents they serve.

  7. Municipal Courts

    The Municipal Court handles all traffic and City ordinance violations written by the Police Department and Code Enforcement division. The City’s Municipal Court uses professional standards to develop and implement methods to provide fair justice. The Court and its officers are dedicated to the principals of impartiality, fairness, integrity, separation of powers, and judicial independence.

  8. Police

    The police department is comprise of dedicated men and women who serve Powder Springs each day working with citizens, businesses and visitors to prevent and control crime and preserve the quality of life through firm, fair and impartial law enforcement services. The Police Department patrols the community, investigates criminal activity, and educates residents on crime prevention.

  9. Public Works

    Public Works is responsible for sanitation services, maintenance of streets and water and sewer lines within the city, maintenance of city facilities and overseeing fleet management of city vehicles and equipment. Key staff members include the Director of Public Works, Sanitation Supervisor, Soil Erosion Inspector, Water & Sewer Supervisor and Maintenance Supervisor.

  10. Utility Billing

    Utility billing is responsible for taking payments and service applications from residents of the city, as well as answering questions, resolving problems and billing customers. It manages the water, sewer and sanitation billing. It is often referred to as the Water Department because it processes the applications to establish water service.

  11. Stormwater