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Permits and Licenses
Building Permits

A building permit from the City is required whenever you construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, remove, improve, convert, or demolish a building or other structure.

A permit is also required for plumbing, mechanical, electrical, water and sewer services. All new construction, redevelopment or renovation and expansion of structures must be approved for zoning, design review and site development prior to permitting.

Additionally, impact fees must be collected prior to issuance of a permit. View the Impact Fee Schedule.

Land Disturbance Permits
Please note that land disturbance permit applications are reviewed by the Public Works Department, Community Development Department and external agencies. All application and construction documents are to be submitted to the Community Development Department for distribution.

Application for Land Disturbance Permit

You can view more information on Building Permits by following the link provided.

Business Licenses
Any business activity you engage in will require a City of Powder Springs Occupational Tax certificate. In addition, some types of businesses require a separate regulatory license from the city and businesses, occupations and professions are also licensed and regulated by the state and federal government.

Tax Certificates
The Permit and Licensing Coordinator is responsible for issuing Occupational Tax Certificates for “in home businesses”, “commercial locations” and applicable regulatory licenses.

More Information
View more information on Business Licenses.

Building Guides
There are many important reasons to obtain building permits and to have inspections performed for your construction projects. Informational brochures found on the Building Permits page have been provided by our building inspectors at SAFEbuilt to answer many questions about your projects.