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Coach George E. Ford Center Board of Directors
The Coach George E. Ford Center Board of Directors was created to plan and implement a community facility at the former Powder Springs Elementary School at 4181 Atlanta Street. Created by the Mayor and City Council in 1997, the eight-member board is charged with the operation, usage, maintenance, renovation and future development of the Center.

Since its inception, the Board has successfully organized itself administratively, solicited significant donations for the renovation of the property, and is implementing renovations and improvements. Current activities include the building of a new library and renovation of the Senior Center.  These projects should be completed by the end of 2007.

Getting Involved
Since the Ford Campus was the site of the former Powder Springs Elementary School, the Board is particularly interested in creating a database of those who attended the Powder Springs Elementary School. They are also interested in building a collection of old photos of the school and its students.

If you or someone you know is an alumnus, or if you have any old photographs that you are willing to donate or have copied, please contact Rosalyn Nealy at (770) 943-1666. The Ford Board meets monthly on the first Thursday each month at 6:30 pm.

Meeting Dates and Times
Please note: Dates and times of all meetings are subject to change.Check the Meeting Calendar or Contact City Hall for confirmation.Members may also meet at other times for various reasons as projects require additional gatherings. Members are appointed for two-year terms.

Powder Springs Senior Citizens Center
The Powder Springs Senior Citizens Center is also located on the Ford Center property, but is overseen by a separate body.

  • Cheryl Sarvis - Council Liaison
  • Cindy Campbell
  • Lynn Rivard
  • Ginny Galluzzo
  • Myra Pfister
  • Shirley Paxon
  • Vacant Seat
  • Vacant Seat
  • Vacant Seat (Outside City)