New Sanitation and Street Light Service Form

Print and complete the form before returning to City Hall with all related documents and information.

The Sanitation Department provides weekly curbside trash collection and yard waste pick up to city residents. If you reside within the city limits of Powder Springs, this service is required. (Refer to City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 11 Section 43). In addition, no outside private collectors are allowed to operate in the city. (Refer to City Code of Ordinances Chapter 11 Section 63).

New Service
For on-site payments for sanitation or establishing sanitation service, residents should go to the Powder Springs Police Department, 1114 Richard D. Sailors Parkway. There is a $75 cart deposit fee. Once the deposit has been paid, City Hall will generate a work order for the Sanitation Department to deliver your cart. This process usually takes 1 to 3 working days depending on workload, holidays, etc. Garbage charges will appear on your quarterly bill.

In the event that a 90 gallon container is not sufficient for your volume of trash, you may request a 2nd cart. The applicable fees for this are an additional $60 cart deposit and an additional $5 charge on your quarterly garbage bill.


  • Cart deposit - $75 (Fee waived by signing up for direct draft)
  • 2nd cart deposit - $60
  • Quarterly rate for city resident - $67.50
  • Quarterly rate for county resident - $73.50
  • Quarterly rate for city resident over 65 - $33.75
  • Additional quarterly rate for optional 2nd cart - $15
  • Cart replacement fee - $75
Please note for residential and commercial services, a two-cart maximum is allowed.

To schedule a work order, report problems with your cart, report missed trash, etc, please fill out this online form