Public Education & Participation

Recognizing that the most effective way to protect our water quality is through pollution prevention, the City of Powder Springs has a variety of information and educational programs designed to encourage environmentally responsible behavior at home, school and work. The following are some the programs and activities sponsored or promoted by the City of Powder Springs.

Adopt-A-Stream Program
The Adopt-A-Stream Program promotes stream cleanup by getting community members involved in the cleanup efforts. The program provides an opportunity for community members and groups to take ownership of their streams and keep the streams free from litter and other pollutants. In addition to cleanup activities, the program promotes public awareness and understanding related to watershed management and non-point pollution control.

Following is a list of program elements of the Adopt-A-Stream program.

Stream Cleanup
For many of Georgia's waterways, a good trash cleanup is the first step towards creating a cleaner aquatic environment. A stream cleanup removes potential pollution sources in and around the stream.

Stream Survey
This will uncover potential pollution sources. Walking the waterways, can provide data regarding potential sewage overflow points, fish migration and channelized sections. The data collected will help water quality improvements.

Tree Planting
Planting trees and shrubbery can help restore a healthy creek environment. Trees and shrubs along stream banks prevent erosion by slowing stormwater runoff. Trees provide food and cover for wildlife. When trees and shrubbery are replaced by impervious surfaces, water quality begins to decline.

Storm Drain Marker Program
The storm drain curb marker program was developed to educate the public about non-point source pollution. Volunteers apply a curb marker that reads, "ONLY RAIN DOWN THE STORM DRAIN" on catch basins and distribute door hangers to homes. Door hangers provide information about non-point source pollution and how they can help.

Volunteers Are Welcome
If you or your group are interested in participating, please contact the Public Works Department at 770-943-8010, ext. 102 or the Community Development Department at 770-943-8001, ext. 354.

Waste Oil Disposal Sites
Autozone and Advanced Auto both accept waste oil from the general public.
  • Autozone, 1060 Richard Sailors Parkway, Powder Springs: 678-384-0408
  • Advanced Auto, 1068 Richard D Sailors Parkway, Powder Springs: 770-222-4518