License Renewal

Renewal of a Alcoholic Beverage License should be completed prior to Nov. 15, even if a renewal notice was not received. Penalties will be assessed on all delinquent licenses. The Occupational Tax is determined by annual gross receipts.  Supporting documentation for annual gross receipts must be submitted with the renewal application. For Pouring Permits, an affidavit indicating actual food and alcohol sales for the past 12 months must be submitted.

Change of Ownership

Alcoholic Beverage Licenses are not transferable. If the business changes ownership, the purchaser must submit a change of ownership application, including all affidavits.  

A completed application must be submitted prior to assuming ownership of the business. The purchaser must submit an executed bill of sale. The application fee must be paid in addition to a new Alcoholic Beverage Business License fee.

Change of Licensee

If there is a change of licensee, the business shall submit a change of licensee application, including all affidavits. A change of licensee application must be filed whenever the named licensee is no longer in a managing capacity over the licensed location for which they are the named licensee.

Change of Location

Licenses are void if persons who are engaged in selling or serving alcohol change business locations, unless a new application, with blue line surveys, lease etc. pertaining to the new location are submitted prior to the move and approval is obtained from the City.