Development Process

All construction must comply with current codes, including the zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations, tree ordinance, erosion and sedimentation control ordinance. A Land Development Process Checklist will explain the submittal requirements for obtaining a land development permit or you may contact the permits coordinator or planning and zoning administrator with questions. 

Submit to the community development department: 
  • 4 copies of the entire preliminary plat package (site plan, road engineering and grading  and drainage plans, water and sanitary sewer system plans, tree and landscaping plans, erosion control plans)
  • Land Disturbance Application
  • Proof of a filed Notice of Intent with the Environmental Protection Division
  • Soil and Erosion Control Affidavit
  • Payment for the plan review fees ($1100), LDP application fee ($150/project acre), and land disturbance fee $80 ($40 to the State and $40 to the City)
Approval Process
The permits coordinator will submit the package to public works, stormwater and  zoning for review. Following city approval, the permits coordinator will submit the plans to Georgia Soil Water Conservation Commission for approval of the Erosion and Sediment Control and Pollution Prevention Plans.  

Subsequent to their approval, the City will issue a Land Disturbance Permit, authorizing the permittee to install plan approved best management practices to control runoff.  Upon inspection and approval of the best management practices, a grading permit will be issued enabling the applicant to proceed with streets, utilities and drainage and the preparation of covenants.  The Land Disturbance Permit expires after 6 months unless renewed for an additional 6 month period. 

Completed Construction
After construction is complete, the developer will submit a final plat to the permits division along with approved covenants and as-builts, payment of street lights and signs, and posting of performance bonds and maintenance bonds.  The final plat will be signed and recorded and submitted to all city departments, Cobb County Tax Assessor and Cobb 911.  

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