Business Registration Division

Business Registration Division

All businesses desiring to locate in the City of Powder Springs must prior to opening complete an Occupational Tax Certificate Application (Business License) to register the business with the Community Development Department and pay an annual occupation tax (this registration and occupational tax is commonly referred to as your business license). Find this Occupational Tax Certificate Application in the Forms Center 

Before Applying

Please contact community development for information about site inspection and zoning verification before you lease or purchase a location. Inspections of all existing tenant spaces are required prior to being occupied by new businesses.

When you apply for a business license in our office, a request for zoning and building regulation approval will be completed. You will begin the tenant occupying process by completing a Commercial Permit Application found on the Fire Marshal's Office web site and scheduling an appointment with the Fire Marshal. When the application and any plan review has been released, you will then contact the Zoning Administrator in Community Development to obtain the City tenant occupancy permit.

If your business involves food preparation or handling, a health permit must be obtained from Cobb & Douglas Public Health. Permit procedures, regulations, fees for service and other information may be accessed at  Cobb & Douglas Public Health. Additionally, you are required to have an approved grease recovery system with release from Cobb County's environmental services division. Please contact 770-419-6430 or to obtain their approval.

Home Occupations

To protect and preserve the character of residential neighborhoods, the City of Powder Springs has established regulations governing the operation of home-based businesses. A list of these regulations can be found in the Unified Development Code Sec 4-170. If for any reason you or your business cannot operate in compliance with all of these guidelines, the business cannot be operated from your home without Special Use Approval.

It is important to note that the covenants of some neighborhoods restrict or regulate the operation of a business. The City of Powder Springs encourages those interested in operating a home business to contact their homeowners association, management company, or landlord to learn about any such restrictions that may apply.

The application for Home Occupation can be found in the Forms Center. Contact the Business License Coordinator with any question you might have.


Other Businesses

For tenants in a commercial location, you must schedule and successfully complete a fire and safety inspection, and possibly plan review, prior to submitting your Application for Occupational Tax Certificate, Please contact the Fire Marshal by calling 770-528-8310.

 An application for Occupational Tax Certificate can be received by contacting the Business License Coordinator


After all final inspections by the Building Official and the Fire Marshal's Office, the business registration division will notify you that the certificate of occupancy and the occupational tax certificate (business license) is available for issuance. Fees are due at the time of issuance. The fee varies depending on the type of business you operate and your anticipated annual gross receipts. All business registrations are valid through the current calendar year and must be renewed before March 1st to avoid penalties and interest.

Regulatory Licenses

In addition to the annual occupational tax, certain business categories require annual regulatory licensing or special approvals. The categories include alcohol sales, bail bondsmen, waste haulers, game rooms, door to door solicitors and peddlers. If your business falls within any of the above categories please contact our office concerning special requirements that may be involved. 

Trade Name

If a business uses or plans to use a name other than the owner's personal name, the Trade Name Registration Act requires that the owner register that name with the Superior Court Clerk's Office. Contact the Superior Court Clerk's Office at 770-528-1328.

Incorporating a Business

To form a corporation in the State of Georgia, contact the Secretary of State's Office. A how-to guide can be found on the Georgia Secretary of State's website. It is not necessary to be incorporated to begin business in the City. If you are incorporated please submit a copy of your certificate of incorporation with the business registration certificate application.


In addition to a building permit as may be required under the building code, a sign permit shall be obtained from the city prior to installation, relocation, expansion or construction of any sign regulated under the sign ordinance except those specifically exempted. No sign may be located within the public right of way.

Signage for a special business promotion temporary event as allowed under the code require a non-fee registration and are permitted one per parcel three weeks per calendar quarter. Submit the Temporary Sign Application to the Community Development Department.