Leaks & Leak Detection

In some instances the City of Powder Springs provides a nominal credit for charges associated with leaks on private property. Credits are provided in response to the related policy adopted by the City of Powder Springs. See the Leak Credit Policy for more information. 

The purpose of the policy is to assist customers with a partial offset of the costs associated with certain plumbing failures, not to fully compensate a customer for the cost of a leak. The maintenance and repair of private water lines, as well as any costs associated with its failure, are the responsibility of the customer.

To see if your leak qualifies for this credit; please see the Leak Credit Eligibility Guidelines.  If you are awaiting a credit on your account, you need to continue to make your monthly payments in order to ensure continuation of service. 
Leak Detection
If you suspect that your household may have a leak, please follow these steps for a time period when no one will be in the home to use water:
  1. Locate the water meter. It is usually located in the front of the property. Most new meters are near the property line, sidewalk, or curb. The meter itself will be in a plastic or iron box with a plastic or iron meter lid.
  2. Remove the meter box lid and find the face of the water meter. It appears similar to to that of the odometer in your car. The last person to leave the house should write down the meter reading then have the first person who arrives back home read the meter again.
  3. If the reading has changed when no one was home to use water, you may have a leak. 

Leak Credit Request Form