C.A.P. Program (Citizens And Police)


Join C.A.P.

We feel that communication between our department and the citizens we serve is very important. The C.A.P. (Citizens And Police) neighborhood program enables Power Springs Police to engage in meaningful relationships with residents and have a widespread impact on the local quality of life. This approach to community policing allows the PSPD to remain proactive and connected to its community. Each participating neighborhood would have one officer assigned as the liaison between the department and that neighborhood.

The officer would be that neighborhood’s point of contact. As quality of life issues arise, neighborhood residents could contact their assigned officer for guidance, advice or response. Officers would also keep their neighborhood informed on important information like crime trends, safety tips and community related information. Assigned officers would also be available to conduct C.A.P. meetings in their assigned neighborhoods.

If your neighborhood is interested in participating in this program, or would like more information please contact us by completing our online registration form.