Planning & Zoning Commission

Regular Meeting
  • The last Monday of the month
Work Session
  • The 2nd Thursday of each month

At its regular hearing, the Commission makes recommendations on applications to the Mayor and Council for the Council's public hearing on the first Monday of the following month.


  • Johnnie Purify, Chairperson
  • Kelly Fisk
  • Randall Madison
  • Wanda McDaniel
  • Taylor Rufus
  • Jim Taylor
  • Roy Wade


About the Members

The Commission consists of 7 members who must be residents of the city. Each Ward must be represented.

The term of the appointment is 2 years on a staggered basis, and any member who is absent from 2 consecutive regular meetings automatically vacates the position. A majority constitutes a quorum and may act for the Commission in any matter.


The Planning and Zoning Commission was created by the city to hear all applications for rezoning, land use permits and amendments to the Unified Development Code and to recommend to the Mayor and Council any action on such applications. 




In evaluating the proposed applications, the Commission considers the zoning map and the future land use map. The Commission takes into account public input and applicable criteria such as whether traffic created by a proposal would lead to congestion, noise and traffic hazards; whether there is conflict with density patterns in the district.