Filming in Powder Springs

The unique attributes of Powder Springs makes it an ideal location for your filming of professional photography projects. We hosted film projects by major film studios, television  networks, and independent film makers in Powder Springs. Location managers and site selectors are encouraged to contact the Economic Development team to discuss their location needs. We offer concierge permitting and will guide you through the process. 

Filming on the Silver Comet Trail? Cobb County parks has jurisdiction over the Silver Comet and the county will need to approve requests for its use as a location in your project. If your project is in the city as well as contain scenes on the trail then you will need to request a filming permit from both the County and the City of Powder Springs. Contact Film Permitting at the County's Economic Development Division | 770-528-2018. Cobb County Parks | 770-528-8800  Cobb County Film Permit Application.

Filming with Pyrotechnics?  The Cobb County  Fire Marshall’s Office review and approves requests for the use flame effects. This permit must be approved by the Fire Marshal's Office before we can issue a Powder Springs Filming Permit  Contact the Cobb County  Fire Marshall’s Office: Special Assignments, Hazards, and Permits  | Matt Johnson | |  770-528-8175  | Cobb County Flame Effect Permit Application