What do I need to do to obtain an alcoholic beverage license?
There are a series of steps that need to be completed prior to obtaining an alcoholic beverage license. The following are the steps to obtain this license, subject to approval by Mayor and City Council
-obtain copy of the application and the alcohol beverage ordinance (the fee is $10.00).
-pay the application processing fee of $500.00.
-provide Photo ID and completed application to the Community Development Department.
-provide certification from approved alcohol workshop.
-attend Mayor and City Council agenda meeting & public hearing (Dates Scheduled By the Community Development).
-Notice of Privilege License request is placed in Marietta Daily Journal by the Community Development Department staff
-submit aerial survey to show distance from churches, schools, residents.
-complete background check and fingerprint requirements.
-post window placard at the location prior to Mayor and City Council public hearing
-Submit to Community Development Department a copy of the Lease Agreement or Ownership of Property
-If approved, apply for the Tenant Certificate of Occupancy and Occupational Tax Permit.
Please contact the Community Development Department for further details at 770-943-1666.Alcohol Licenses

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